Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My New Breakfast Jam {Super Easy Recipe}

*Please excuse the inevitable typos since I'm posting this from my phone while I'm getting my hair done*

Wanted to share my crazy easy go-to breakfast that keeps me full all morning long - quite a feat for this girl!


- Mason Jars (I use the medium sized ones)
- 3/4 whole rolled oats (NOT quick/instant)
- 1 scoop Vanilla Muscle Gain
- 1/4ish cup frozen cherries (or your fruit of your choice) 
- Unsweetened almond milk


- layer ingredients in order as above 
- I after I put a little milk in, I kinda stab it with a knife and stir it to get it down to the bottom and then fill it up the rest of the way

Shake, stick in the fridge (OVERNIGHT!!) and enjoy the next day! 

I'll prep up 4-5 in jars, sans milk obvie, and then do one each night. They're best when they've only been in the fridge one night.

These are insanely good, filling and totally tweak able to your tastes (ex: the hubs likes his with a little local, raw honey)

PS. I ALWAYS have Chocolate Meal Replacements and hard boiled eggs on hand in the event that I forget to throw an oatmeal in the fridge. 


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