Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to Fight Those Holiday Cravings!

Love me some Christmastime but man can it do a number on the ol' scale if I'm not careful! I've learned over the years how to avoid the dreaded gain and wanted to share some tips with ya'll.

We're gonna go to functions and who wants to be the weird one eating rice cakes out of their purse? It's not a good look. Trust. 

So here are some helpful tips!

1. Don't go hungry! 

Never show up starving. I always eat before I go! Then that allows me to have a LITTLE of whatever is being served and enjoy it and the company I'm eating with. I've heard people say that they're not going to have lunch because they're having dinner somewhere. Bad. Bad. Bad idea! It might *seem* smart to 'save your calories' you're really just setting yourself up for a binge session and metabolic shutdown. It's not healthy, my friends! 

2. Avoid/limit alcohol. 

I might have one glass of wine if it's good but, usually not. It's empty calories and I typically feel horrible about .6 seconds after consuming it. 

3. Take in good nutrition.

It's the MOST important time to get in good nutrition. I've heard people say, "well, I'm not eating clean so I'm not going to take my supplements." 
That's like saying, "well, I dropped my phone. Now I'm gonna run it over with my car and totally demolish it." No bueno. Here are my favorites. 

Basically what you see here is energy, nutrition and a little buffer for those holiday treats. 

4. Be prepared.

I'm always packin'! You never know when you're gonna get stuck somewhere with no food! Here are some of my favorites.
That little gem there in the bottom left is a VO2 Prime Bar with natural peanut butter. The most amazing protein packed PB&J that you'll ever have. You can bet on that!

The holidays can feel like one long to-do list. During this season of giving, don’t forget to take care of yourself and your body. The best gift you can give yourself is your health and happiness. And a personal assistant. I mean does anyone else feel like that Elf is like having another child?! I'm about 8 shades of over it. ;) Merry Christmas, everyone! Remember what this season is truly about. You are loved!