Monday, June 2, 2014

Life Is Too Short To Play Small. Go Big.

You guys. Have you heard of these magical little things called PowerSheets?!
Well, they are life changing. I've been working for a few days on filling out my 'Prep' portion. There is nothing like actually writing down your dreams, feelings and life vision to really force you to think, "What do I want my life to look like? What do I really want out of the one life we are given? Like really want?" 

One of the reasons I started blogging was the accountability factor and after almost 2 years, that hasn't changed so, I'm sharing my dreams, fears and 2014 Vision with you.

After jotting down my Dreams, a few themes floated to the top.

1. Deepen my relationship with God (a lot of levels to this one!)

2. Create a more intimate and Godly relationship with my husband

3. Be more Christ-like in my thoughts and actions 

4.  Raise God-loving children

5. Become an effective communicator and leader

6. Achieve a business goal that requires discipline, leadership and perseverance 

7. To be an inspiration to those who may be struggling with similar issues 

I'm excited to dive into the section where you actually go through the process of turning your dreams into action steps and goals since I know I'll have to get more specific. I have a really hard time with distilling things down into action items so, this is an exercise I'm looking forward to. 

I was also asked to list some things that I was afraid of. 

My biggest fear is failing my family.

...Failing to be able to figure out how to balance my personal goals and aspirations while properly raising my boys

...Failing to be able to figure out how to be a more Godly wife

...Failing to learn to set boundaries so that I can more effectively manage my time and accomplish goals

I'm not sure if these are common fears but, these are a few of mine. 

Out of this came a 2014 Vision.

I am getting this printed and will hang it in the master bath where I will see it first thing in the morning and periodically throughout the day.

Everyone needs a vision. When times get tough, it's what gives you the passion and perseverance to keep going. I have a feeling that with all of the life changes I have ahead of me, times will get tough and I'll need this vision board more than ever!


The next step is to get more specific with my goals. I won't be sharing exactly what each step is out of respect for the Lara Casey Team that worked so hard to create these life-changing materials. If, however, you'd like to get your hands on them, you can do that HERE.


  1. I love this NIki! And, especially love all the quotes. I am thinking of creating a gallery wall with favorite quotes for our front stairway. We already have so many family pictures around, I thought an inspiration wall would be great.

    1. I would love to see that come to life! You would create a gorgeous one no doubt!

  2. i think I need to look into these!

  3. Nik, you need them in your life #stat. :)

  4. Absolutely love the power sheets! Life changing!

    1. Lara Casey is an angel! I can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the year for us both! I'm so sad I can't come to Success School :( maybe we'll have to shoot for the next one or a bloggers event!


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