Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Boys' Bedroom {Before & After}

I promise, I'm not as horrible at life as I am at keeping a blogging schedule. Well, maybe a little right now. There's been five swimming lessons and we have yet to make it to one, I still haven't gotten the newborn clothes out of storage (16 days to due date...)and ate hard boiled eggs for lunch...and dinner.
Either way, I'm still a firm believer in the saying "You'll never have more time than you do today" so, trying to suck it up :)

On to the fun stuff - before and afters!

You guys. Not kidding. WHAT is that creepy mask thing on the wall?! "Hey, I know what I'm gonna do today. I'm going to find the creepiest thing next to Chucky and hang it on the wall right across from my bed so it stares at me while I sleep. That's a tremendous idea!" Creep. City. I'll never understand...

So, the vision for the boys' room really started with the lockers. They came out of the University of Southern Indiana's locker room and we found them several years ago on Craigslist. Although I do love them, they are the furthest thing from functional. The husband thought "they'd function like a dresser." How, and after 5 years and SEVERAL attempts to make them "function like a dresser", I'm still not sure. In our next house these will definitely be a playroom fixture.

We chose to remove the accordion doors from the closets because I wanted a super open feel throughout the entire house. Our previous home looked like Ron Burgundy lived there (think lots of mahogany and leather-bound books...) so I went the complete opposite direction with this one. We installed Expedit shelving units (which I heard they are discontinuing?!?!) and they have been truly functional. They don't allow me to accumulate a ton of stuff and just shove it into drawers so, I love that about them and the boys can actually put their stuff away in them. Double win.

The adorable (and super sturdy) basketball goal came from Just In Tyme Sports. The boys use it all. the. time. Highly recommend installing one of these if you're a #momofboys. The bed is Target and the bedding and rug are Pottery Barn Kids. My favorite thing in the room has to be the canvas hanging above the top bunk. It was a photograph taken by a former co-worker and the minute I saw it, I had to have it. #idie

The floors are Sport Court maple that we found on Craigslist as well #seeingatrendhere and the husband spray painted the key. I'll do a tutorial when he does it again in our next house because our boys really do love this.  

The wall color is Sherwin Williams Olympus White. It pulls a gorgeous pale blue and looks perfect with the Dover White trim. Will definitely be using this color in our next home as well.

Hopefully be back with the rest of the upstairs later this week, assuming little guy doesn't decide to make an early entrance! 


  1. The transformation looks great!!! What an awesome room and what a great job!

    1. Thank you Chelsea! Thanks for reading :)


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