Thursday, July 24, 2014

Master Bed & Bath {Before & After} You HAVE to see the before...

I apologize for being MIA but, lot's goin' on ova heah.

  1. We have a pending offer on the house!!! Happy, sad, nervous and excited! 
  2. AdvoCare is in massive action. The hubs has recently caught the vision. We're now helping change people's lives TOGETHER. A long-time prayer answered. 
  3. Oh, yeah. And having our third little angel literally ANY day now! So excited to meet the little guy! 
I was really hesitant to post this because the before's are so insanely horrendous. Like, I can't...seriously but, I was super happy with the after's that I've gotten over it. Kind of.

Things didn't go exactly like my original design board but, I got close and am super happy with the finished room. So, come back with me, if you will, to this hot mess...

My eyes, my eyes!!!

Yes, that is a bed...a bathtub. And that pocket door you see next to the bathtub led to the main floor half bath...that also served as the "master bath". 


I still haven't quite figured out how this layout came to be but, that's probably for the best. Because if I could actually rationalize it, I'd be #certifiable. We could've expanded out on to the covered deck but, chose not to because we love that space so much so, we really had to get creative on how to best utilize the space we had to work with. We knew that because it was going to be a smaller-than-the-norm master bed and bath, we really needed to put in high-end finishes to take it to the next level. I feel like kitchens and baths are where you should always put in high-quality finishes and a lot of thought and planning. 

Here was my original design board. 

And here is how it turned out. I chose to go with lamps vs. sconces because I didn't want the new owners to be married to them if they didn't like them but in our next house. Sconces, baby. All the way.

 Rug: West Elm
All Bedding: West Elm
Side Tables: Home Decorators
Lamps (no longer available but loving these): Pottery Barn
Dresser: West Elm
Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
 Holy wrinkled duvet #avertyoureyes!
Mirror (same color no longer available): West Elm

I have the deer head (large size no longer available) to put above the bed but, I was kind of over putting holes in the wall before we listed it so, I just left it off. If we were staying, I'd put that beauty up!

So, on to the master bath. We chose to carry a similar feel from the kitchen into the master bath with whites, shaker-style cabinets and satin nickel fixtures but, didn't do a board for that. #sosorry

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter in 50% halftone

Custom Closet: EasyClosets (LOVE them, by the way!)

Overall, so happy with how this whole space turned out. Again, if we were staying, I'd add some more wall art but, wasn't worth putting holes in the walls pre-sale. 

You guys have any small, inspirational spaces to share? Emily Clark had an awesome post on small spaces a couple days ago, make sure you check it out!


  1. It looks amazing. Can't believe they are the same rooms! Best wishes for a safe delivery of #3. Excited to see pictures.

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! Coming from you, that means a lot :)

  2. Flawless as usual! I'm especially lusting over your bathroom, it's gorg! Even with a small(er) space than what you started with, it all looks huge, open, airy & uncluttered. Perfection. Waiting anxiously for the news of little mister's arrival!!


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