Monday, September 26, 2016

Before and After :: Kitchen and Family Room

I love me some good before and afters and this one is no exception! There is just something about 'before and after' pictures that makes my heart skip a beat and makes it all worth it. I'm not sure I want to do it again but...I've said that before!

What we thought would take maaaaaybe a year, took two. Surprising exactly 0 people on Earth but, better late than never, right?!

So, here we go! We're gonna start in the kitchen because anyone who knows me, knows I spend approximately 12 hours a week here and only 1 of which is spent actually cooking. #iliketoeat

So, not too bad right? Well, except for the very inconspicuous SPIRAL STAIRCASE in the middle of the kitchen. But, who'd even notice that, right?

I was absolutely blown away when I went back and looked at the befores!

We did A LOT in the entire house but, I think the biggest thing we did was remove the spiral staircase in the kitchen and put in a new one where the wet bar was (yes, you read that correctly.) I would've loved to have been a fly on the wall during the planning stages of that! 

Wife: Honey, what kind of staircase do we want?
Husband: I want it to look like we live on a ship.

Major things we did in this room:
-Removed staircase and filled in
-Removed white marble and laid wide plank French Oak floors and I ADORE them. They are perfect on every level
-Painted all cabinetry
-New quartz countertops
-Moved chandelier from middle of the room to centered over the table because, it's the little things 
-Removed sink from island for more prep space (game changer)
-Removed trash compactor aka germ farm and replaced with wine cooler (necessary)


I searched literally everywhere for months for this table. Had an idea of what we wanted but, the size was not easy to find within a reasonable price range. So this one has a special place in my heart! 

And say hello to my current favorite photo. #alltherhinos

If you're in the market for a sofa, especially a sectional, I HIGHLY recommend a LoveSac! They are ah-mazing. They are crazy comfy, you can configure in a ton of different ways, they come in just about every color/fabric you can think of and best of all...they're washable. How would I know, you ask? Well, I've washed them no less than 14 times in the past 12 months #ace and they look as good as the did the day we got it!

This is actually our sactional split in 2 separate love seats - see! Super versatile, too.

And we absolutely love having the pool right here! We have used it just about every day since we opened it.

Because hide rugs are my love language.

 That's it for this room! Will be back with more rooms hopefully quicker than it took to complete this project ;)

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