Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fitness Binder

This binder has been 98% of what has helped me stay on track with my workouts. Studies have shown that you lose more weight if you write down what you eat, so maybe this is also true for workouts!

I'm currently a little over halfway through week 7 and have only missed one day due to a horrid cold. I can definitely tell a difference in my strength, tone and definition. I haven't lost weight, but I'm definitely getting a better shape - although, the bar was set low, let's be honest.

So, here's my binder. I leave it in my locker at the gym and take the pages out and with me while I work out. Forgive my photography. My camera is rebelling against me right now.

Cover: An ad I ripped out of Yoga Journal. It's totally my inspiration. 

I hate that you can't see it very well, but I have 4 tabs (one of which - recipes - I don't use)
1. Phase 1
2. Phase 2
3. Phase 3 

Here's a shot of what each day looks like. 

I really like this program because it tells me exactly what to do each day - everything is all planned out. Also, if you don't know what a particular exercise is, you just go to that day in the trainer, scroll down to the exercises and click on the one you don't know and a video will pop up and show you how to do it. Definitely needed a few times!

This binder was a labor of love - the only thing I hate about this program, is how long it took me to download each of the days. You have to go to each separate day to download the PDF. te-di-ous.

Lucky for you guys, I've done all the hard work and put them in one place for you to download.

Comment if you have any questions!

Good luck and happy workouts :)

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