Friday, August 8, 2014

He's Finally Here!

Our little guy has finally arrived! 

And he is pure perfection. He is definitely his father's son! 

I apologize up front for the lack of typical hospital pictures but, is it me or, is there seriously someone in your hospital room 24/7? I felt like every time I tried to call someone or do well, anything, in would pop someone else. 

Nurse: "Oh, hi. I'm here to draw your blood." 
Me: "Oh, hello. Did you see what I just went through to avoid the epidural needle?! I'll spare you the details but, yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen."
Nurse: *crickets*

Bless their hearts for putting up with me. 

Charlie has been with the grandparent's for going on almost a week now (there is going to be some serious grandparent detoxing happening next week #imafraid) but, I managed to snag a couple of Breaker and "My baby". 

I mean. #idie right? Such an incredible feeling of grateful heartedness when I look at this. 

Then fast forward to our first night at home annnnnnd we're back. Ace, we're gonna have to toughen you up quick, kid if there's a hope of you standing a chance. 

I'm basically obsessed with taking pictures of everything these days so make sure to follow me on the greatest thing ever.

And in other news, this should surprise no one, but I'm on Day 1 of my first 24 Day Challenge in a hot minute and I'll be blogging about each day - food, workouts, progress, etc. so make sure to follow along. Today was Day 1 and whew, I picked up a lot of bad habits over the past 10 months!

Big news in the moving situation and on the blog homefront too, so stay tuned for all that awesomeness!

Be back Monday with Day 1 of my 24 Day Challenge!


  1. Congratulations Niki! He is just precious.

  2. Girl you're a rockstar! Ace is precious. Congrats again! Are you doing the nursing challenge or are you not breastfeeding? We need to chat!

  3. I love the way Breaker is looking at him in that first pic. Hope you are surviving the weekend! And look at you gettin' after it with a challenge right away!! You rock. Can't wait to follow along. I'm gonna need the motivation and inspiration!!


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