Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Because nobody puts Baby in a corner. Nobody!

But evidently, it's the only way I operate. To back myself into a corner, commit to something and then just figure out how to do it. 

Because apparently keeping 3 miniature humans alive isn't enough. 

- I'm going to hit my macros everyday 

- I'm going to totally KonMari my life before June (don't worry - more on this practically created-for-me style of organizing later)

- I'm going to stick to a budget (WHICH I totally have, thank you very much! Except that Health & Beauty category - ladies, why lookin' so good gotta be so expensive?! But I've got some budget hacks I'm excited to share with you guys!)

- I'm going to schedule out my entire day the night before every, single night (this time/priority management thing has got me all kindsa hemmed up but, I've called in the pro's to share some systems - and ya'll know I love a good system.) 

- I'm going to get my NASM cert. 

- I'm going to blog once a week. There. THERE! I said it. 

Why, why is this?! Please tell me there are more of you out there. Can we start a support group? We'll just drink Spark and solve the world's problems in like 8 hours. It will be fabulous.

Practically my anthem. 

Uhm. No thank you. I'll take that diligence thing You mentioned. 

This is no bueno, folks. We must boss up and get busy.

So, here's to dreaming, digging in and DOING.

It's gonna be a blast - join me! 

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