Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I love change. I love new. And a lot has been changing and a lot is new! I've been wanting to make a shift in my blog for awhile but, wasn't sure how. 

When I'm not sure how to do something, I just step out and do it and figure it out as I go. So, this is my stepping out and figuring it out as I go!

Up to this point, ya'll probably don't need any reminding that I've been a inconsistent, at best, at keeping up with this blog! (which will be gettin' a little facelift soon! ok, maybe not a total facelift but, maybe a lil' botox here and there!)

Moving, renovating, building a home-based business - all with 3 kids 5 and under will do that to a person!

But there is light. Light at the end of the tunnel and I see so clearly now - like never before. I really considered scrapping this blog completely and starting over but, this blog is a very inconsistent journey of my 4 past years and you can't just delete your past!

Thankfully, you CAN be healed and broken free from it, but it can't be deleted. 

I totally find encouragement in that and I hope you do too! The past is the past but, the future is so bright. SO bright.

And that's really where my journey began. Once someone shared that with me and taught me about forgiveness, my entire world changed. Everything in and around me. And it is so awesome. So awesome.

I want to share what I've learned along the way in hopes of it transforming your life and helping you advance in all areas.

So I've basically gone from hot mess express to completely unoffendable, totally at peace and I have zero fear. I mean, who doesn't want that?! You guys, it's the most incredible place to be.

Maybe there's something holding you back - I want to show you how to break free.
Maybe you're looking for encouragement and inspiration.
Maybe you have set a life or business goal but for the life of you, you cannot hit your target.
Maybe you want a better marriage.
Maybe you want to be a better mom.
Maybe you want to be challenged to become more.

Maybe you want some good recipes and workouts.
Maybe you want to know that your kids aren't the only ones who pee in the front yard every chance they get (if you have girls, I hope that's not accurate ha!)
Maybe you want to know that you aren't married to the only man who needs one of these...

Note: I may be unoffendable but, still highly irritated 
by facial hair all over my countertop - we're all a work in progress!

Well, friend. You're in the right place!
Here you will find experience, coupled with Truths.
Ones that I hope you will use to launch into and fulfill your God-given purpose and destiny!

You were created to be BIG and do BIG THINGS!

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