Thursday, May 12, 2016

Protein Pudding. Yes, this actually exists!

It is a widely known fact in my family that I am not a fan of cooking, baking or anything of the sort. When I do cook, I have two temperatures. 

Off or High. 

There is no medium. Who has time for medium? OR I'll turn something on, completely forget about it until I smell molten metal and realize I had a pan on high for 20 minutes. 

So, it's really best that I stick to cold, or less than 5 ingredient dishes. 

Something you'd feel comfortable letting a toddler cook. That's where I really shine. 

So this one is basically life changing. Protein and chocolate. What else is there in life?! ha!

Enter - Muscle. Gain. PUDDING. 

You guys. This concoction is so life-changing I practically’d it’s original creator. It traces back to a lovely lady name miss Susannah Padgett. She’s of AdvoCarian decent and you can find her here. She periodically posts food stuff but I secretly hope she starts posting how-to hair videos. Because really.

Usually my pre-bedtime (8:00pm) snack

2 Scoops Muscle Gain
2 Scoops COLD water
mix that up then add in:
1-2 TBS Sugar Free Pudding

Some insider tips:

Start with a tablespoon and as more as needed. Depends on the consistency you're looking for. I like more pudding mix because I like a really thick, almost frosting like consistency. Because, who doesn't #amiright

Stick that bad boy in the freezer for a few minutes and enjoy! 

You can mix up flavors as well. My current favorite is Vanilla Muscle Gain and Pistachio pudding mix! 

Hope ya'll enjoy this as much as I do. Protein at bedtime is so key for those gains! 

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