Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blog Binder

I think I have just as much a problem with binders as I do with challenges (I'll be posting my fitness binder soon).

So, staying in line with my love of binders, the blog planner was next. I found the printables for this little gem at IHeart Orgainzing's Etsy shop. I printed off the insides and then took them to Staples and had the front and back laminated, the tabs inserted and spiral bound. It cost me a grand total of $6. There are a few sections in there that aren't really applicable to me (brand & client wish list, website enhancements, and shop ideas and wishlist) but, I may find a use for them someday. I do love the majority of it, however. The calendar is my favorite.

I actually use it for more than just blog stuff. I just started using it so, I haven't had a chance to see if it needs tweaking just yet, but if you're looking for a great little planner, this one is compact, simple and pretty :) Head on over to Jen's shop and check it out!

*All these are separate sections if you order them. They're just shown all together here to show you all the sections

Oh and if you mozy on into Staples, here is a 50% off Martha Stewart coupon for you to print off and use as many times as you'd like! You'd probably have to do separate transactions, but who cares if you're 'that lady/guy holding up the line'. For 50% off Martha Stewart, it's totally worth it.

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