Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home Management Binder

It's taken me awhile to figure out a system that works for me. I've tried several and I've finally found one that works for me and the fam.

Enter The Home Management Binder.........

The majority of 'the guts' of it have come from one of my favorite bloggers Becky, over at Clean Mama. She has a wonderful assortment of super handy printables in her Etsy shop that have really helped me get things in order and keep it that way. The cover and my finance checklist came from another favorite blogger, Jen Jones over at IHeart Organizing and her Etsy shop.

I went with the Starter Kit from Clean Mama and subbed out the Budget and Bill Pay Kit for the Home Maintenance Kit. Mostly to keep up with all the paint colors in our house. I think we have successfully used every color in the gray spectrum from Sherwin Williams.

I write down each day's 'to-do's' the night prior to and transfer over anything I thought of that day to do the next. It's been super helpful in keeping me on track and making sure I get done what I really need to get done. I have could spend HOURS on Pinterest and blogs so, I need a guidepost to help keep me on track. I love the daily planner for this. 

I have a ton of other sheets in my binder that I refer to weekly, monthly, etc. but this is the one I use every day. The Busy Mama Kit is great too. Mostly for the shopping list. I'm sure you could make something like this yourself, but this one was so pretty :)

I also use the plastic dividers with pockets to stash stuff and a zippy 3-ring bag in the front to hold pens, stamps, etc. I also keep extra pages (to-do, calendar, shopping list, etc.) in a plastic envelope in the back for quick refills. 

Overall, I love, love, love this system. It puts everything at my fingertips and helps keep me, the bills, and the whole family on track. If you don't have a system in place, I highly recommend trying something like this out!

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