Sunday, July 21, 2013

Find What Works For YOU

Have you ever heard this quote from Einstein? 

It's never really sunk in until I left the corporate world.
It was such a bad fit for me. I just didn't do well there - I'm a free bird (for the record, I played this hilarious video as loud as I could on my computer my last day of work - all. day. long. It was glorious. For me at least, probably not so much for my now former co-workers). 

You are specific, individual, awesome in many ways and not-so-awesome in others. I was not awesome at following ridiculous, antiquated "rules". I was also not awesome at being a "Yes-Man". I tried, I really did, but it ate at my self-esteem and confidence - I just couldn't do it. I began thinking that I just couldn't do anything. I was a fish and 40 hours of my week were spent trying to climb a tree. 

I think the same is true in all aspects of your life. You have to do your thing and find what works for YOU. Whether it's your lifestyle, exercise of choice, diet, marriage, whatever. Try new things and stick with them long enough to know if it's a good fit for you. 

I tried running years ago and I wanted to love it because I wanted to be fit, but I just didn't. I didn't hate it, but it just wasn't a good fit for me. More recently, I tried going low-calorie (1500/day). Definitely not for me. I know it's right for some people, but it's just not right for me. I started to feel like I couldn't do anything. These other people could/are doing it, why can't I?! Something must be wrong with me. 

The key to me finding what worked for me was being intentional, committed and honest. You have to try new things and stick with it long enough to know if it's for you or not. If you would've told me a year ago, that I'd be an Advocare-loving, blogging, Crossfitter, I would have told you that you need a prescription medication, immediately. But, I wanted to find [what worked for] ME. I ditched the cynical attitude and chip on my shoulder (that was not-so-cleverly coving up my fear of failing) and tried something new. And kept trying. And stuck with it when it got challenging. This is where the honesty part comes in. You have to be honest enough with yourself to know if something legitimately isn't a good fit, or you're giving up too easily. Only you'll know the answer and who cares what anyone else says or does. You do your own thing, but find what works for you. 

Don't just go Paleo because someone or everyone else is. Educate yourself. Maybe bits of Paleo works for you, but not others. For instance, I love the lean protein, fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts part of it. I don't love the bacon and no legumes. I need beans for their quick and easy protein. That's just the season of life I'm in right now. I don't have time to churn up some coconut butter or God forbid, give up my precious quinoa. And honestly, I don't want to. I wanted to give up wheat. I gave it up long enough to know that I'm better off without it, but I wouldn't have figured that out if I wouldn't have tried or stuck with it long enough to know if it worked for me or not.

Everyone has their own 'thing' that works for them and makes them happy, healthy and capitalizes on their inherent awesome-ness. Is there something you aren't awesome at, or just want to change? Be intentional, committed and honest and I promise, you'll figure it out. Educate yourself on different options and find what works for you. I would never tell people, "oh, you HAVE to try Crossfit, it's the best thing ever". Do I feel that way? Absolutely. Maybe you'd hate it and are a born runner. That's totally cool, but you would've never known if you didn't put yourself out there and try. 


  1. Beautiful post (again, obviously). You are speaking my soul, sister!!!

  2. Love this post, friend! You are right on the money!!

  3. Love this post! I adore that quote and show it to my 8th grade students at the beginning of each year. Speak truth!! :)


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