Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #1

I've been getting a ton of emails from readers about what I eat. I feel like I'm the world's most boring eater because when it comes to clean eating, I can eat the same thing on repeat for weeks on end, but since you guys want to know, I'll be linking up with Jen every Wednesday to share my eats!

Since I'm doing my first ever REAL 24-Day Challenge (*eeeee!! so excited!)
you're going to see a few things I don't normally do, but overall, my diet is pretty much the same as always.

I do Spark first thing when I get up because let's be honest, it's a necessity. Anyone who's had it knows what I mean. I was absolutely starving this morning so, I did the fiber drink first with 3 Catalyst and then my Spark. The fiber drink definitely took the edge off of my hunger. 

circa 6:30am CST

Then had some of my newest staple - Hard Boiled Eggs. I eat probably 6 a day these days. So much easier and quicker than doing scrambled. I had 2 around 8am followed by breakfast (Meal #1) at 9am, which is almost always one of these. 

Off to CrossFit after that and this was the WOD today. A very sneaky one. My thighs are on freaking fire. 

Meal #2 (around 11:30am) is again, almost always one of these. This is such a little treat after a workout. I always look forward to working hard enough to have one (I only do 1 scoop on light days or Muscle Gain).

Meal #3 (lunch) was Tuna Salad with a serving of almond crackers. Quick and delish eats!

Meal #4 was a Spark and Quick and Clean Chili with 1/4 avocado (no cheese or cornbread). I also snuck one of these delightful little treats and a small, organic apple in. I always have these on hand!

Meal #5 (dinner) was Turkey & Quinoa over romaine. I halved the quinoa in this batch since I'm trying to taper my carbs off after lunch.

Meal #6 is almost always the same. Either 2 or 3 hard boiled eggs or Muscle Gain with dark chocolate almond milk right before bed. The chocolatey goodness won this time ;)

I'm shooting for around 100 oz of water a day and got in right around 90. 

I've got some new recipes on the menu this week so look for those later this week!

Side note: What purpose do flies serve?! I am beginning to think that their sole purpose is to torment and annoy me. 


  1. This was my first WIAW, too ;)...I am trying to eat less processed and more clean, myself. But haven't gone full force, yet. I have never heard of almond crackers, and will have to look for them!

    1. You can do it, girl! Baby steps :) And I eat clean probably 90% of the time (for the next 20 days, 100% clean though)

  2. Love this! I'm totes linking up next week! :)


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