Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Supplements During Down Time

 It's still super important (if not even more important) to continue your supplements, even if you're not currently working out. Since I haven't been to Crossfit in a while, I've had to adjust both my supplements and my diet and I wanted to share how I switch things up during off-gym time.

Here is my current regimen. You can see how it differs when I'm working out here.

  • Spark: Everyday, no question. I usually have one first thing when I wake up and one around 3pm (if it was a rough night, or especially busy morning, I'll have one at noon as well). More for the mental focus, than anything. 
  • Fiber Drink: I like this because it helps keep me full throughout the day. 
  • Coreplex: I can feel a noticable difference when I'm not taking these. I know it sounds crazy, but once you learn to tune in and listen to your body, it's amazing what it tells you.  
  • OmegaPlex: My skin has been so dry/stressed so, I take between 4-8/day.
  • Catalyst: Like I mentioned here, I can see and feel my muscle mass decreasing due to lack of strength training. I'm taking 9/day to hold on to what I have left. 
  • Probiotic Restore ULTRA: This is a must for me. It comes in my favorite MNS packs, but due to budgetary constraints (i.e. house projects) I've also scaled back on my supplement budget so, I've started taking this separately. 
  • Muscle Gain: I drink this once every couple, or few days to make it last longer. It's a quick, high quality snack, especially when I'm too busy to sit down and eat something.
This is pretty much bare bones when it comes to supplementing however, everyone has different needs. Some people function best on Spark and MNS, this however, I've found to be my best regimen. 

My activity levels and calorie needs have changed as well so, I've had to cut back my portion sizes and complex carbs a bit. I still do a ton of sweet potatoes, but I'll do them with a protein instead of black beans and instead of doing a Meal Replacement each morning, I do 5 eggs (2 yolks) with salsa verde, or Sriracha, and a slice of gluten-free toast. It's definitely not as convenient, but you do what you have to do! (Note: I ALWAYS have meal replacement shakes on hand for serious emergencies).

Does your routine change when you're not working out?


  1. I've always wanted to try Spark! Do you also drink coffee?

    1. Hey Julie!

      I used to, but then my Keurig broke and I never replaced it. I haven't had coffee in almost a year! I couldn't do it without tons of creamer anyways so, it had to go :) if you shoot me an email with your address I'll send you some Spark to try

  2. I just recently decided to veer from the MNS and now I just do omegaplex, coreplex plus iron, and the probiotic. Plus catalyst and spark of course :)

    I do need to get MG again...such a good snack to have on hand!

  3. Hey Nikki! Looking forward to reading more on your blog! :)
    -Sammy @


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