Monday, September 9, 2013

Meal Prep Monday #2

Happy Meal Prep Monday, Everyone! 

Here's how my Sunday went down: 

  • Diced, baked sweet potatoes with a little kosher salt and cinnamon
  • A TON of veggies
    • Zucchini (which apparently, now I have to add to my list of organic 'musts'. See why here.)
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Carrots
    • Cucumbers
    • Red peppers
    • Onion 
    • Tomatoes 
    • Asparagus
    • Green beans
    • Broccoli
  • Ground turkey taco meat, black beans, red quinoa and salsa 
  • Chocolate protein bars 
  • Roasted broccoli with EVOO, kosher salt and lemon juice
  • Chicken Stir Fry (recipe coming this week!)
  • HB Eggs
Which, by the way, this my absolute favorite little gadget. It makes seriously perfect eggs every.single.time. 

And here's where things went awry. You probably looked at my list and thought, "congratulations for cutting up some vegetables" but, I had every intention of making:

and somehow only had one can of black beans (that I used in the turkey, quinoa stuff) no plain greek yogurt, no avocados, no green bell peppers, I cut up all my sweet potatoes, and forgot to thaw out the chicken. So, off to the store I go and I'll finish that up today. I prepped everything I did have so I'll be able to throw it together fairly easily. 

I blame the current state of my pantry

Life gets crazy, but just try and do what we can, right? Thank the Lord for meal replacement shakes ;) 

Ok, enough about what I made. Let's see what you guys are up to :)

Link up your goodies below!


  1. OMG I want that egg maker! And I hear you. I had big plans and got about 1/2 of it accomplished. You at least have a legit excuse.

    1. It would be an excellent addition to your egg making tool collection ;)

  2. An egg maker? Who knew?! I thought I'd found the perfect method in one of my cookbooks, but that thing looks awesome. BTW, just out of curiosity, what do you feed the little people when you are eating clean? Do you fix them a separate meal every time? My kids haven't been big fans of what Mama's eating :( SO challenging when I want to eat clean and they just want chicken nuggets & mac&cheese!

    1. I know! My MIL got it for us (she was hip to my lack of cooking skills immed) and it hung out in my cabinet for months. I tried boiling them, but the never came out right. I found this thing and never looked back. I don't know what they cost, but whatever it is, it's worth it. Trust.

      And because you're a bestie, I'll tell you. I'm not proud of it, but the children eat the Homestyle Mac n' Cheese and Morningstar hot dogs like it's their job. I literally can't get them to eat anything else. I tried withholding and let's just say, that didn't go well. They went on a hunger strike for 48 hours....

  3. I so need that egg maker. My friend has one and I thought it was ridiculous but now it makes so much sense :)

    1. Totally! It makes perfect eggs every single time and you literally set it and forget it! ;)

  4. I might have to invest in an egg maker. I have a system that works really well, but I'm super lazy and almost never make them even though I love them. I feel like automating that process could be help :)

    1. Me too. I just poke holes in them, stick them on the thing and wait for the timer to go off (about 15 min). Love it!


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