Monday, May 19, 2014

Home Office {Before & After}

It takes everyone a year to finish a simple project, right? Please say yes...

No? Well, in any case wanted to share some pretty amazing before and afters of our current house. This is the first house my husband and I have purchased together so, you'll see a lot of his/her things. It's been an interesting transition but, this baby has come a lonnnnnng way from it's day-we-purchased-it state. I'm going room by room as I get them finished so, I'll probably be skipping around a bit, but is life these days :)

Here is the basement office, semi-before. Before-before was an even hotter mess, if you can imagine that. Blueish indoor/outdoor carpet and I'm pretty sure the previous owners had a bird in there (?!?!) Little known fact about me, I HATE birds. They just freak me out. #ihaveissues but, moving on.

Here it is after we moved in, painted, ripped up the carpet and did stained concrete. Which by the way, was a great idea, in theory but, I'd do tile if I had it to do all over again. It's gorgeous when it's buffed, but the minute you even look at it, it looks muddy and sad. But, it's concrete and we got a CRAZY good deal on it, so I'm not too mad about it.

So, back to the office. Here are some before's:

(Don't mind that feather 'duster' *cough cough*, it was a bachelorette party gift #classy! and some 3# dumbells? Those must've been the husbands...)

You see the Two Men and a Truck boxes? If you live in the Evansville area, don't hire them. Just don't...

And here are the after's! 

The wall color is Sherwin Williams Passive and I LOVE it. It's in the gray family but, it pulls a tiny bit purple. Would be adorable for a girls' room. Trim color is Sherwin Williams Dover White. It's the perfect trim for anything and everything in the gray family. 

It still feels a little 'cold' to me, I think a rug and some more objets, etc. on top of the Expedit would help but, they're last on my agenda/budget list right now. Also, the wouldn't have been my first (or second, or third) choice but, it's one of those items that the husband picked out for his/our last house and I had to work with what I had. You'll be seeing a few of those items in the upcoming posts :) 

We also removed the drop ceiling. Originally, we were going to replace it with coffered tiles but, not sure if you've priced those babies lately but, holy cow. It was around five grand to do the entire basement. So, we opted to rip it out completely and have it sprayed black.

Honestly, I love it. I wish we would've done that first (before painting, floors, etc.) but, lesson learned :) 

Like I said, it still feels a little cold and not lived in but, overall I am thrilled to death with it. 

I'm working on the wine room and living room and have some real gems of some before pics to show you next! 


  1. WOW, what a transformation -- love it! I'm over here all "I'm pregnant with Baby #3 and can't do anything" and you're all "I'm pregnant with Baby #3 and remodeling my home, #nbd." lol!! You rock!!

    1. Thanks Tammy! Ha, don't think it hasn't been without many a breakdown ;)

  2. Hi Niki, I'm a friend of Tammy's actually who started following you via IG :) Love the office! We are working on ours as we speak - can I ask where you got the seagrass(?) shelving baskets??

  3. Thank you mica! I got the unit and baskets at IKEA. The white wooden bins came from Walmart like 8 years ago ;)


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