Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pantry // Mudroom {Before & After}

Excited for the group that's getting ready to start their 24 Day Challenge. Email me if you haven't received your stuff!

Now, on to some more before and after's. The pantry was one of the only things that I actually liked about this house when we first looked at it. Coming from a tiny little closet and seeing the rest of the house, this is all I had to hold on to...

I don't have before-before's but, it was a horrendous mustard yellow so, we painted it, took the accordion doors off, installed new shelves and laid hardwood floors.



Amazing what some paint and Target baskets can do! It's not as pretty as I'd like but, I've found that 'function first with a sprinkle of pretty' works best in our household.

This little cleaning closet is another one of my favorite little areas. It's so nice to have all of your cleaning supplies together and within reach but, out of sight.

That Shop-Vac you see there was my Christmas gift from the hubs. We're practical folk...

This door in the back goes to the garage. At first I thought, "why on earth would anyone put a door there?!" Now I get it. I just unload my groceries straight from the car right into the pantry. Magic, I tell you. The only downside is that on several a couple occasions, the groceries never made it out of the bags and onto the shelves but, eh, whatever right. They're in there. :) 

The other functional area I really love is our mudroom. It started out as just a room off of the laundry room with a reach in closet.


Hot mess city, right! Totally not functional. All we did is hang a ton of coats and stash crap in there. It was where I threw things I didn't want to deal with. We decided to open everything up and had some custom lockers installed.


I do love this space. It's no longer a clutter-collecting zone but, a truly functional space. There are a few things I'd change (and will if we don't sell our house). I'd add drawers down at the very bottom and maybe doors to the actual locker part where things hang. I did open EVERYTHING in this house. Closets, pantry, mudroom - now there's nowhere to just throw stuff! It's basically forced me to declutter every single area of my home which is a good thing but, man, it's been some work. 

We're finishing up a couple more projects (getting the basement bathroom shower refinished and installing another Easy Closet system in Breaker's room) and then we are done! Like, done, done! I seriously cannot believe it. It's been going on 33 months that this has taken us! Labor of love, that's for sure.

I'll be back with more before and after's next week! 


  1. So neat and organized. I would love to have a mudroom.

    1. Thank you Lauren! I'd love to have your #laborforce that helped you with your landscaping ;)

  2. I love the custom lockers!


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