Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yoga & Change

I love yoga. Here I am, just relaxing in comfortable crossed legged enjoying a nice, peaceful practice...

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..........Yeah. Right.

First off, no one looks like that after two children and especially not after breastfeeding them - but, I'm not bitter. Nope, not at all. Secondly, there's not a whole lot that is peaceful about my practices. I'll usually have to stop at least once to tend to a crying child or have to put the dogs in their kennels so they'll quit licking me every chance they get.

Even with several distractions, yoga is so wonderfully relaxing, strengthening, motivational and 100% totally necessary for me.

"Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change.
As you build your strength, you start to believe in your own potential."

- Tiffany Cruikshank, yoga teacher/sports medicine specialist

Yoga drives so much that I do and no matter what life brings, it always brings me back to center - well, that and obviously Jesus, but I'll focus on yoga for this post. 

The first class I took was a prenatal yoga class when I was newly pregnant with my first little one. The desire to be healthy for my baby was initially what started my yoga journey and my desire to be the absolute best mom and wife I can be is one of the many reasons that keeps me going.

Yoga has given me the strength, both mentally and physically, to know that I can do anything I put my mind to and focus my energy on. I know that I can be the best wife, a mother, a friend, yogi, anything I want - because of the determination and focus that yoga brings me. It allows me to see a new perspective and appreciate life and everything it brings.

If you've never taken a yoga class, I highly encourage it - unless you're a guy. Guys doing yoga totally weirds me out. I'm sure I'm being naive and I'll catch some flack for it, but either way...still weirds me out.

Oh, and here is a 15% off coupon for my new favorite accessory YogaPaws. They are these amazing little gadgets that help you stick to your mat. They market them as being able to let you do yoga on any surface without a mat, but I keep my practices on the mat :)

Namaste :)

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